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Free Your "Voice"

(One on One or Virtual)

Learn how to sing and speak freely with support and proper technique. Singers will learn rhythm, diction, and song interpretation. Let us bring out the singer in you!

Guitar, Piano, and Bass

(One on One or Virtual)

Learn how to play the instrument in your heart with proper technique and posture. Ear training, theory, and sight reading will be included!


(Group or Virtual One on One)

(fitness through dance)

Stay fit and have fun while moving to today's pop & hip-hop hits! There will be a motivational quote and theme each week. This class is for anyone with free or limited movement.

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Cant Stop "Yoga"

(Group or Virtual One on One)

(please bring your own yoga mat due to COVID-19)

Stretch it out and learn to breathe into your body! Perfect for anyone looking to relax or learn mindfulness in the present moment.

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"Art" for the Smart 


(art supplies included)

Learn the fundamentals of art, while building hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  This class is designed to make each individual feel successful and comfortable with their first creation, and are encouraged to express their own vision in this fun, supportive class.

A Moment of "Science"


(supplies included)

Students will stretch their minds (and their imaginations) creating cool projects. This class will have fun, hands on experiments, and interactive exhibits for every individual to explore science, technology, engineering, nature, and more!

"Picture" Perfect 


(iPad, iPhone acceptable)

This class covers basic concepts and practice of digital photography, including and understanding the use of your iPhone or iPad camera, lenses, and/or other basic photographic equipment. The course will address aesthetic principles as they relate to composition, space, exposure, light and color.

"Video" Storytelling 


We all watch plenty of video, but what truly makes a good, compelling story? Learn the basics of how find and tell exceptional stories through research, reporting, filming, and editing short, focused videos that you’ll want to put on YouTube and share with all your friends and family.

Act It Out

(Group or Virtual One on One)

A form of acting through movement ,imagination, games, expression and style.

Together In Tune 

(Group or One on One)

Whether you’ve taken a music class before or are just starting out, take this class to refresh and/or learn the basics of music fundamentals!  This class will teach you how to count rhythms, learn the musical alphabet, recognize the note names of both the treble and bass clef, write out scales, identify half steps, whole steps, and intervals, learn the meanings of musical symbols, and understand the different major and minor key signatures.

Creative Writing 

(Group or One on One)

Students will learn to express thoughts and ideas in new and inventive ways. Creative writing through poetry and short stories helps cultivate artistic self-expression and better communication skills while having fun! This is a great way to channel and build emotional and mental health while expanding the imagination.

American Sign Language

(Group or One on One)

This class will consist of learning a new language by using numerous hand gestures as well as facial expressions. Students will be able to start knowing how to translate words and sentences in order to communicate with others as well as expressing themselves. Many topics will be taught during the education process in hopes of gaining additional knowledge and using the language in the real world.  

In The Mix (DJ Mixing) 

(One on One)

This class teaches the basics of mixing music in the style of a DJ. Equipment will be provided.

In The Beat 

(One on One)

This class teaches the basics of music production. Students will be able to "lay down" their own ideas by using multiple techniques including sample usage to create your own sound. Equipment will be provided. 

I AM Light 


I am Light Yoga is a weekly program that includes movement, meditation, and music/chanting. Each week, we will practice various yoga postures for grounding, focusing, and centering ourselves as well as learning various breathing and meditation techniques to promote focus, awareness, and to use during everyday situations. Each week we will also learn a new affirmation to promote self-confidence, happiness, and kindness. 

Socially Talkward


Socially Talkward weekly classes, children will work on social skills with their peers all while having fun! Each week we’ll have a specific focus including taking turns, joint attention, understanding & expressing emotions, and understanding body language. Your child will leave our class feeling confident and secure when interacting with others in their home, school, and neighborhood communities.

Group classes will be made up of 3-5 students